Short Term Car Insurance

Car insurance costs are spiralling upwards and there is no sense in having insurance that you don't need. If you are only likely to want cover for a short period, why not consider short term car insurance? You can get more details here


Credit card tips

These simple tips for credit cards will save money and improve your credit score. This information can also help you steer clear of expensive debt. Bear in mind that the use of credit card incentives, which are usually designed to encourage you to spend more, rarely offer any real value to the typical credit card holders.

Get a credit report

Order your report from each of the companies consumer credit reports: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion doing a simple Internet search to find their websites. You can order your free credit report every 12 months.

Review the report and note cards issued in your name or the name of a family member. Do not forget that you must have a report for each adult in your home as well as your spouse, or young adults still at home.

Why? One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is to forget exactly how many credit cards they have and understand how much worse it really could be.

Check your post

The Credit Card Act 2009 created new rules requiring more disclosure of fees, charges and interest rates. The final changes were implemented in August 2010.

The next time you receive a letter from your bank, despite the friendly tone they usually adopt remember that they rarely contain good news, and usually advise of higher rates or fees. They send them because they have to - legislation has been passed to oblige them to inform you of all changes and to make sure that it is clear. Reading these carefully can help you to avoid the more expensive credit cards.

Expensive Cards

There are fewer cards that charge no annual fee. If you are holding an airline or another card that offers points you are sure to pay fees of between $ 50 to $ 80 per year or more.

The fees add up quickly, you may be paying hundreds of dollars a year more to earn points or miles that will never create value anywhere near enough to help you buy your next airline ticket.

Take special care with cards that offer other benefits such as special prices for air travel. In many cases they can still prove costly because you can often find discounted rates that undercut them.

Pay CC bills on time!

Credit cards are often the most expensive way to buy something. Minimum payments are never enough to pay its debt in the short term. Pay a minimum of 3% on a balance of 3.000 at, say, 18% interest, and you can expect to be paying for the next 10 years or more.

Credit cards should be used as a convenience for short-term purchases. Try to pay the total amount of the outstanding balance to prevent spiralling debt and higher interest.

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